Create a North Carolina College for Working Adults.

It’s important for our colleges and universities to adapt to the realities of today.  North Carolina’s UNC-Online program already has more than 14,000 students currently earning their degrees 100% online. That’s equivalent to a campus the size of UNC-Wilmington, without having to pay for bricks and mortar.

UNC-Online should be the backbone of the North Carolina College for Working Adults.  The flexibility of the online university solves a number of problems such as offering continuing education for full-time workers and an option for out-of-school students who only need a few credit hours to finish a degree. Ultimately, it provides high quality, convenient affordable education with a proven brand.

Expansion and investment in UNC-Online enables UNC to provide high quality, convenient and affordable education to three distinct populations:

  • Traditional residential students who want and need courses to graduate in a timely way, as well as those studying abroad.
  • Non-traditional students who want a convenient way to improve their opportunities in life. These are often older students who are balancing family, work and school.
  • Part-way-home students; those who have some hours of college but never graduated. These students are now offered packaged programs to help them receive their degree and increase their options in life.   
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